New cytostatics for humans

Oasmia's strong Human Health portfolio is based on the company's patented invention XR-17. This hydrophilic platform can be used on a various number of agents, especially in order to improve the profile pattern and water solubility of otherwise sparsely soluble compounds. The current drugs in Oasmia's research pipeline are all based on our nanotechnologically produced micellar model.

Product portfolio
Oasmia has a substantial product portfolio within the therapy field of oncology. The three candidates currently under development are believed to cover 80 percent of present standard treatments of the most common forms of cancer.

Taxanes are currently the first, second and third line treatment choice for a number of cancer indications. Oasmia's product candidate closest to market approval within Human Health is called Paclical®, based on the taxane paclitaxel. Paclical® is a long life cycle product and will meet the competition from other formulations by use of Oasmia's invention XR-17, which provides superior physical properties.



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