Anders has more than 15 years of experience from international strategic business development and finance at Q-Med and Pharmacia. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from Uppsala University and he is currently CEO of Nexttobe AB where he will continue to have certain responsibilities.

As a new Executive Vice President, Anders will primarily focus on Oasmia’s business development. He will be succeeding Hans Sundin who leaves his position and who is nominated to become a new member of the Board of Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB.  In addition to the task of being a Board member, Hans will also be participating in the company’s strategic production project and quality issues from a general perspective.

“I am very happy to welcome Anders to the company. His experience and knowledge will be most valuable at this stage of development of the company. At the same time it is my conviction that the future work of Hans as a Board member will contribute as an excellent and fundamental complement to the existing competence within the Board,” the CEO of the company, Julian Aleksov, commented this reorganization.

Anders’ new employment starts on October 1, 2014.

About Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB
Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB develops new generations of drugs in the field of human and veterinary oncology. The company’s product development aims to create and manufacture novel nanoparticle formulations and drug-delivery systems based on well-established cytostatics which, in comparison with current alternatives, show improved properties, reduced side-effects, and expanded applications. The company’s product development is based on its proprietary in-house research and company patents. Oasmia is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm (OASM) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (OMAX, ISIN SE0000722365).