The reason behind today’s stoppage in trade with the Oasmia share is comments made to the Swedish News Agency Nyhetsbyrån Direkt, regarding the company prospects for business agreements and development.

As replies to direct questions, the CEO made the following time based estimations:

  • Convinced to reach an agreement for Paclical® for a minor geographic area before the end of the year
  • Paclical®-agreement for the EU possible in this calendar year.
  • Indications that the FDA may make a decision in November concerning Paccal® Vet
  • Phase I results for Doxophos® are reasonably expected before the end of the year
  • It is feasible to think that a new application concerning Paccal® Vet may be filed with the EMA in the first half of 2013.
  • The company must acquire capital in the autumn and a decision should be expected in October.

The Board of Directors emphasizes the difficulty in estimating the time when expected events will occur. The above estimations of times are not supported by the Board and the Board wants for this reason emphasize the following: Oasmia is involved in ongoing negotiations for all major markets and the interest has risen significantly in the year. The prospects for agreements are very good both in short and long terms. It is natural for the management of a development company to work continually with different solutions for financing and the current situation is according to plan.

Oasmia is sorry for the events and will from now on inform the market in accordance with current practice.