Apealea® is a patented formulation of paclitaxel in combination with XR-17™.

Apealea® (Paclical®) has been assessed from clinical trials and has been approved in ovarian cancer in Russia, Kazakhstan and within the EU. Indication and product name may differ between regions. In the beginning of 2020, Oasmia launched Apealea in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

More information on Apealea is available on the EMA website.

Partnership with Elevar Therapeutics, Inc.

Oasmia signed a global strategic partnership in March 2020 with US-based Elevar Therapeutics Inc. for the commercialization of Apealea. The agreement includes milestone payments of up to USD 678 million depending on achievement of future sales milestones, clinical development milestones and regulatory approval milestones. Elevar will also pay Oasmia double-digit royalties on sales of Apealea. Oasmia receives USD 20 million as an upfront payment.

Elevar has exclusive rights to commercialize Apealea, with the exception of the Nordics, Baltics, Russian Federation in which Oasmia will continue to drive commercialization. The arrangement gives Elevar the right to sub-license Apealea® to other strategic partners, including, for example, in Europe. More information about Elevar Therapeutics can be found on its website www.elevartherapeutics.com

In July 2020, Oasmia’s partner Elevar Therapeutics Inc. initiated a partnership with Tanner Pharma Group that will facilitate access to Apealea® in areas outside of the United States where Apealea® is not commercially available.