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Apealea® (Paclical®) has been assessed from clinical trials and has been approved in ovarian cancer in Russia, Kazakhstan and within the EU1. Elevar, our partner, is responsible for submission to US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, for approval also in the US. Regarding docetaxel micellar, Oasmia has partnered with The Swiss Group for Clinical Research, SAKK, to conduct the first clinical Phase 1B trial of the compound in advanced prostate cancer.

1Indication and product name may differ between regions.

Apealea®/ Paclical® (paclitaxel) Pre-NDA meeting USA
Docetaxel micellar Planned Global

Oasmia’s products and product candidates are based on the proprietary technology platform XR-17. This allows for nano-sized particle formulations of active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”), which otherwise are non-soluble in water and thus, administration to patients is possible. With a combination of XR-17 and an API, new innovative, patent-protectable medicines will be created. The beneficial properties of XR-17 are not restricted to cancer drugs and Oasmia is considering applying the technology to other drug classes that will benefit from solubility enhancement.

New API / XR-17 Global
XR-19 (combination) Global