Research and development

Creating a new generation of pharmaceuticals

The core of our research and development is the long term strategic investments in the formulation of our nanotechnology. Our ambition to reach new creative solutions permeates both basic research and all steps of the development process. We are working to meet the biotechnological demands of the future through always being one step ahead. Our company and staff are always open to new challenges and are eager to integrate new innovative projects into our regular business activities.

Natural existing low molecular agents play an important role in the control of biochemical processes. We are developing new semi-synthetic derivatives of retinoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The retinoid derivative-based excipient models will form the basis for our development of new water soluble drugs with reduced side effects, no hypersensitivity reactions and short infusion times all of which resulting in improved quality of life. This technique enables new forms of treatment, not only for the treatment of cancer.

Our investment in the early stages of research has already led to decisive results and as we continue our efforts to further develop our inventions and products, we are convinced that they will prove beneficial for both patients and society as a whole.