Strategic investment for the future

Oasmia Pharmaceutical is a public company offering highly interesting investment opportunities for shareholders.

A number of strategically important products based on nanotechnology are in an advanced stage of development and have considerable market potential. The company believes strongly in the new international markets for both human and veterinary medicines.

Although Oasmia’s product portfolio is still under development, decisive results have been achieved that considerably substantiate the company’s potential. This is also underlined by the current world market for Oasmia’s coming products. Our present portfolio in cancer treatment theoretically constitutes about 80 percent of the total market. The development of improved diagnostics and an increasing, as well as aging, population means that the demand for new and effective treatments will increase constantly.

The company’s high expectations have, in many respects, been fulfilled. Therefore, we are optimistic about the future. Our investment in efficacy associated with a better quality of life is the guiding star we stubbornly continue to follow.